Diet or exercise in the elderly?

Diet or exercise in the elderly?

You have to lose pounds. A phrase that is often heard by doctors of all specialties. But is this always feasible? and how?  Diet or exercise in the elderly?

Should age be a criterion for the instructions we give to our patients? and why do elderly people, although they seem to adopt a healthier lifestyle, do not manage to lose pounds?

Replies comes up with a new study that examined 4999 adult Americans, using data from NHANES, the National Health and Nutrition Survey.

The goal of the researchers was to determine the relationship between physical activity, diet and body weight in different age groups.

The results of the study

The results were particularly interesting. It appeared that at older ages,  exercise and not the quality of nutrition is of great importance for maintaining body weight.

Those who relied solely on diet for weight loss quickly regained their weight.

Or they have made great efforts to maintain it, since with their exhausting diets they did not take on key ingredients.

Exercise, on the contrary, helped keep weight loss for longer. It also played an important role in activating metabolism.

It is therefore important to include physical activity in the effort to tackle obesity in all age groups, but especially in the elderly, where the benefits appear to be greater.


Ioannis Tzanogiorgis, Cardiologist, Athens

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