Measures taken against COVID19 in our Cardiology Center

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Measures taken against COVID19 in our Cardiology Center

Our cardiology center, with a sense of responsibility to the patients, remained open throughout the pandemic, effectively contributing to the management and treatment of cardiovascular emergencies.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, appropriate measures have been taken in order to prevent the transmission of COVID 19 and secure the safe access of patients to the center.

At the same time, we significantly increased the number of home visits, giving a solution to people who belonged to vulnerable groups and were unable to visit the doctor’s office.

The gradual exit from quarantine after the great pandemic increases the risk of a new outbreak.

For this reason, all the necessary precautions are taken at the cardiology center in order to avoid transmitting the virus:

  1. Patients visit the center only by appointment to avoid congestion.
  2. All patients are required to wear gloves and a mask throughout their visit.
  3. The presence of a companion is discouraged and allowed only in absolute need.
  4. Before visiting the doctor’s office, the patient is asked about any suspicious symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) or possible previous contact with another case of SARS-CoV-2 and if so the appropriate instructions are given.
  5. Antiseptic fluid is available in the office for staff and patients.
  6. The staff of the doctor’s office wears a mask and gloves throughout the patient’s visit.
  7. The doctor’s office is adequately ventilated after the visit of each patient, while the places where the patient came in contact are properly disinfected.
  8. The prescription is performed only by appointment or with the use of new technologies.
  9. The possibility for home visits is available to vulnerable groups of patients who prefer not to go to the doctor’s office.

Our goal remains the proper exercise of clinical practice, following the current guidelines while guided by the patient needs and well-being.

We stay alert, we stay safe, we take care of our heart.